Step 2 - Tag template & vendor disclosure form

How to Tag Your Items

  • Tagging must be done using the GKSS Tag Template. Make sure you edit the template so that your name is clearly marked on each tag before printing them out.
  • Include as much detail as possible: brand, colour and garment type when preparing the tags. Note that during the sale tags can be separated from your item, every effort is made to match the lost tags with the corresponding items, however this process is only successful if the tags have a clear description of the item.
  • Make your tags distinctive (i.e. use coloured paper, mark the tag with stickers/stamps) to make sorting after the sale easier.
  • Securely fasten the tag where indicated to the article using safety pins. Covering the safety pin with tape makes the tag more secure. Using slightly thicker paper helps to better secure the tag and will be less likely to accidentally tear off during the sale.
  • For toys and baby equipment, use tape on both ends of the tag to secure it to the item. Please do not tape the tag all the way around.
  • Place smaller items such as books, shoes and socks in Ziploc bags and then tape the tag onto the bag.
  • DO NOT put clothes inside Ziploc bags.
  • DO NOT use string to tie clothes together -- only use safety pins
  • DO NOT place tags inside Ziploc bags as this will slow down the check-out process.

The Legal Stuff

  • All participating Vendors MUST submit a Vendor Disclosure Form.
  • Please print, read and sign the form and bring it with you to Vendor Drop-off.
  • Vendors that do not submit a form will not be allowed to participate in the sale.